Headless Assessment Platform

What is a Headless Assessment Platform?

Assessments are an important part of learning. What often comes as a challenge is the assessment delivery. An engaging assessment can be beyond simply analyzing the theory it can lead to skill development, self-reflection, critical thinking, etc.

This is where assessment platforms come in.

Assessment platforms help in creating assessments easily and also make the entire process intuitive, efficient, and faster. They are designed to deliver online valuations or tests effectively. Just like learning delivery portals, assessment platforms too are created to cater to the increasing volumes, and to improve evaluation models through innovative approach towards grading, ranking system and advanced reporting.


Then what exactly is a headless assessment platform?

Headless assessment platform is an assessment engine that decouples the engine’s backend assessment functionality from its appearance layer to offer a seamless, flexible and customizable solution.

In other words, the system separates the frontend that is the content presentation, aka the “head” from the backend, the actual “body” to make enhance efficiency and make integration with other systems faster.

The assessment engine can hence be coupled with the existing learning management systems or other tracking tools to enhance the functionality.

While it contains all the vital functions related to assessment platform and item management, it can also offer a customizable platform that can be integrated seamlessly with any existing system.



How does a headless assessment engine help you stay ahead?

The perk of having a headless assessment engine is that it allows test creators to leverage a rich set of tools to create and manage all the items/tests securely and deliver it via APIs to multiple frontend applications and systems, such as a web application, mobile app, kiosk, and virtually any digital device.


Accelerated Go-To-Market

Get your online assessment platform up and running in a matter of days. It is almost like a plug and play system, allowing you to focus on your core business and not invest too much into managing a new system.


Cloud-based solution

Our Headless Assessment platform comes as a cloud-based solution, that makes system upgrades and server management more or less automated and do not disrupt the normal workflow.


Item Banking

While we may call it headless, it comes with a sizable repository of ready-to-use test items that can be easily assigned to tests, configured and scheduled to enable faster assessment cycles. Items can be edited, revised, imported and reused. It also offers editing restriction through role-based access.



The modern and future ready API first approach lets you connect with different applications and collate data to improve trainings and assessments.


Brand it as Yours

The plus side of having a headless assessment platform is that it makes white-labelling easier. It can easily be integrated with existing eLearning platforms and also customized for branding.


Development Services

Along with being a cost-efficient solution, headless assessment comes in with integration option where a team of experts help in integrating the assessment software with the existing system.


The other notable features, some of which overlap with common assessment platforms, are as follows:

  • Customizable assessments (time, attempts, etc.)
  • Analytics for Individual performance
  • Variety of assessment formats
  • Integration with user profiles and existing performance records.


Future of Assessment Platforms

In the era of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is evident that any new technology that is introduced is one step more advanced than its predecessor. The global assessment services market is expected to reach USD 10.73 Billion by 2026, according to a new report by Reports and Data.

Headless assessment platform hence pioneers the change in the way assessments have hitherto worked. It is no longer about what kind of assessment, but about how to make assessments better and make learning more efficient and functional.

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