Streamlining 360 Degree Assessments with SimpliAssess : Boosting Employee Performance and Retention

Case Study

The Client

As a global leader in Hospitality, the client’s commitment to continuous growth extends not only to their services but also to their people. With a vision of fostering a work environment that empowers each individual’s potential, the client was seeking to further elevate their approach to talent development by streamlining their employee evaluation process.

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Redmond, Washington

Solution: Customization and Integration

The Need

The client was looking for a platform that would be able to provide comprehensive 360-degree assessments in order to gain a better understanding of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

The client’s main objective was to find a platform that would enable them to

  • Conduct comprehensive 360-degree assessments
  • Gain better insights of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Streamline the data collection process by creating a single platform for all parties involved
  • Make data collection more cost effective and efficient

The Challenge

The challenge posed by this request was finding an assessment platform with the capabilities needed that could also integrate seamlessly into the existing workflow.

The Solution

SimpliAssess provided the client with a highly customizable assessment solution that was tailored to their needs. The platform enabled comprehensive 360degree assessments and feedback, while integrating seamlessly into the existing workflow.

Real-time data was accessible, allowing for better decision making and improved employee performance.

SimpliAssess also provided ongoing customer service and support to ensure successful implementation of 360 degree assessments. Additionally, the platform provided easy-to-use reporting features that allowed managers to track employee performance over time.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive 360-Degree Assessments


SimpliAssess enabled the client to conduct thorough assessments by gathering feedback from various perspectives, offering a holistic view of employee performance.

Streamlined Data Collection


SimpliAssess streamlined the data collection process by providing a single platform for all stakeholders involved, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring consistency in evaluations.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency


By centralizing the assessment process, the client could save costs associated with disparate assessment methods and improve efficiency in managing employee evaluations.

Seamless Integration


SimpliAssess seamlessly integrated into the client's existing workflow, ensuring minimal disruption while introducing the new assessment process.

Ongoing Customer Support


SimpliAssess offered continuous customer service and support, ensuring a successful implementation and addressing any challenges that arose during the process.

Easy-to-Use Reporting


The platform's user-friendly reporting features allowed managers to track employee performance trends over time, facilitating data-driven performance discussions.