Unlocking new opportunities for revenue, growth, and expansion with SimpliAssess

Case Study


Based in San Francisco, California, the client is a leading innovator in the elearning space. They are committed to helping organizations evolve and transform with new-age digital technology to offer innovative and engaging learning experiences to their customers.

Industry: eLearning

Location: San Francisco, California

Solution: White-Label Platform

The Need

Being a leader in the learning technology space, the client was eager to expand and grow further. It wanted to strengthen its product portfolio to give the company as well as its customers’ quick, easy, and seamless access to online assessments built to deliver at scale. The client was looking for a powerful solution that was future ready and that could offer complete brand control. It wanted to get its assessment product to the market faster along with a broad portfolio of new e-learning modules and programs. It was looking for a solution to get started right away.

The Challenge

The client was grappling with an internal challenge of having elaborate policies in place that often impede the development process for newer projects. Given that building an assessment software from scratch would take a very long time. Besides, testing, the software would require additional resources, time, and efforts. The client wanted to accelerate its time to revenue. What it truly needed was a ready-to-use, customizable solution.

The Solution

SimpliAssess empowered the client in more ways than one with its white label solution that helped them accelerate their product launch. The client decided to partner with SimpliAssess – an industry-first headless assessment platform provider. The client’s focus on choosing headless technology meant that they could offer their customers a modernized test experience as well as high levels of integration and customization support which they struggled to find with any other provider. SimpliAssess offered a fully configurable solution to help the client map its unique learner journeys while complying with the brand’s identity and objectives. It helped the client deploy its ready-to-use online test platform.

Key Benefits

Intuitively designed, the solution blends seamlessly into the client’s existing elearning ecosystem. SimpliAssess was an easy choice to make given its versatility. It met all their criteria perfectly and was easy to use. It gave the client and its customers the flexibility to come up with more engaging assessments for learners.

Scale with Speed


The white label solution helped the client scale its product offering. They had the flexibility to resell or remarket to newer segments without allocating resources on building a product from scratch.

Faster Time-to-Revenue


Built on an API-first approach made integration was much easier, which helped shorten the product launch. Along with customization and integration support, the ease to rebrand and set up the platform helped the client shorten it’s time to revenue.

Strengthen its Product Offering:


The client was able to offer a differentiated product that offers a modern test experience. The white label platform is built on a headless architecture that lets test creators deliver online tests seamlessly across digital touchpoints.

Higher Brand Value


With SimpliAssess, the client can cater to diverse and demanding markets and deliver a unique offering.  The out-of-the-box capabilities helped the client redefine the assessment landscape, fulfilling its need for innovation and growth.