A leading non-profit breaks new ground in online assessment with SimpliAssess

Case Study


A leading non-profit found itself grappling on different fronts after being hit by the pandemic. With a repository of learning material, an online solution that could quickly further its goals and facilitate assessment had become the need of the hour. Being able to reinforce assessments in the absence of engagement in the physical world was a concern that needed to be addressed immediately.

Industry: Non-Profit

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Solution: Free version

The Need

The non-profit was on the lookout for a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy platform that could help them create, schedule, and manage online tests.

The Challenge

It is easier to embrace digital learning and assessment for organizations that have attained digital maturity to some extent. But the pandemic forced one and all to go digital; even the ones that were once reluctant or slow in embracing digital transformation. This leading non-profit had a Herculean task of managing online assessments for its community members spread across 10 countries. Considering the diverse geographies and time zones, it was imperative that every member could take the test irrespective of the location or device, and experience the same ease and simplicity.

The Solution

Considering that the organization was still in its nascent stage when it came to adopting EdTech solutions. A free introductory version of our platform gave them a sense and feel of our assessment solution and the objectives they can achieve using it. It not only allowed them to quickly get familiar with the platform but also provided training to their community members for using it. This was the first step and we leveled it up by offering them a 50% discount on all setup services.

Key Benefits

Measurable outcomes


It was easier for the non-profit to integrate our solutions into their existing assessment systems to build a high-quality assessment despite time or resource constraints. The non-profit is now equipped to conduct tests at scale through remote collaboration.

Leverage the power of accessible assessments


Being able to assess the learning outcomes, the non-profit was able to go a step further to reach out to members in more creative ways with more focused questions. While delivering a positive social impact, the organization is now empowering its community members to become change agents with a seamless and ever-evolving learning and assessment environment.

Deliver an omnichannel test experience


SimpliAssess delivered an omnichannel test experience for volunteers across multiple locations and channels. The platform offered flexible learning and assessment pathways that helped the non-profit evaluate and meet the diverse requirements of its members.