White Labeling your Assessments

White Labeling your Assessments: All You Need to Know

What does the product look like? Very often than not, we are troubled by this very question, more so from a branding perspective than the actual product design itself. This brings us to White Labelling.

White labelling of a product or service is a feature provided to customers using which the product/service can be rebranded to fit the end client’s requirement in a way that it lets companies (the marketers) make it appear as one of their own products.

White labeling is one of the many perks you get from our headless assessment engine. It lets you use the engine as your own by integrating it with your existing learning management system. So, you get the features of an advanced assessment engine without having to create one of your own.

With the change in the education and learning landscape, and with the average growth of online learning, the need for assessment engines that match this pace has become a necessity. We designed the headless assessment engine to make administration easier and reduce the load of preparation, distribution and moderation of online examinations. It is faster and seamless and with white labelling it becomes far easier to familiarize too.


What does white labelling of an assessment engine mean?

An assessment engine helps in creating, managing, delivering, evaluating and reporting assessments. White labelling of the assessment engine gives businesses the opportunity to brand it as their own without compromising on features. This makes it easier for companies as the assessment engine takes care of all the evaluations and reporting associated with training or education being delivered. The branding helps in connecting with the users better as it gives them a sense of familiarity.

An assessment engine that comes by default often has an identity of its own. White labelling helps in making the engine your own. This covers everything from the front-end look and feel to the content displayed, the access regulations and other brand requirements.


How white labelling helps?

Most learning management systems, in-house training models and online education portals are established brands. The recognition hence needs to be marketed on. Using an external engine for assessment may facilitate faster evaluation, assist in conducting secure online tests, etc. but it must also facilitate in improving the brand reputation, increase visibility and deliver good user experience.

Using a white label service gives customers a robust solution that can not just improve their brand reputation but also be seamlessly integrated with their existing system. This is a faster option in comparison to opting for custom solutions.

This is what white labelling helps in achieving.

    1. Brand Image
      An assessment engine can be used for many reasons, right from conducting online tests to delivering public and private skill-based certifications and more. Whatever the purpose, users can connect better if it has your brand identity. Rather than opting for custom assessment development, white labelling gives a low cost, ready-to-use solution that can be fine-tuned to remove all vendor references and turned into your own.
    1. Faster Go-to Market
      Customized developments can be time consuming. The headless assessment is designed to adapt to any environment easily. The white labelling feature helps in branding it easily and hence, offers a faster go-to-market. It can also be bundled with the existing product/service based on the business strategy.
    1. Easy-Integrations
      Headless assessment is designed with an API-first approach which makes integrations simpler. With the front-end being decoupled, it can easily be integrated with any existing platform and run in the background without affecting the UI. It can also be integrated with other third-party tools to enhance reporting and other data-driven approaches.
    1. Better Recognition
      Every brand has its own identity, audience and outreach. White labelling the assessment engine helps in leveraging the existing brand recognition. In addition, with assessments being more on demand, even independent tests and evaluations can act as opportunities to increase brand recognition.


Why choose SimpliAssess as your assessment platform?

Creating an assessment engine from scratch can be time consuming. What SimpliAssess offers is a plug and play solution that can easily be integrated and branded as your own. It also comes with many intuitive features that make assessment creation, delivery and evaluation easier. The in-built item bank offers items (questions/test elements) that can be easily added to the tests, hence helping it to be up and running within no time, and reducing the effort of instructors/educators.

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