Online Assessment Partner

Why Choose SimpliAssess as your Online Assessment Partner?

As the world of education continues to evolve, administrators in K-12 institutions are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve student learning outcomes and develop a modern assessment system that can keep up with the changing landscape. One such solution is SimpliAssess, an online assessment platform designed to help teachers, administrators, and educators alike.


Here’s why K-12’s should choose SimpliAssess as their online assessment partner.

Streamlined Assessment Process

SimpliAssess streamlines the entire assessment process by offering a comprehensive system that allows users to create, administer, and analyze tests without requiring any extra resources or technology. This makes it easier for teachers to create assessments quickly, allowing them to focus more of their attention on instruction and assessment analysis instead.


Test Authoring Tool

The SimpliAssess test authoring tool is specifically designed to make creating assessments faster and easier. Teachers also have the option of importing existing tests and surveys into the system as well.

Our AI driven features helps teachers save time by leveraging AI to automatically generate multiple questions compliant with psychometric rules.


Item bank Refresher

By using the existing question bank, teachers can easily select questions from a wide range of topics and adjust them according to the students’ individual learning levels. In addition to the test authoring tool, SimpliAssess also provides users with the ability to recreate existing item banks or questions to make it unique. This AI enabled feature allows teachers to recreate assessments tailored specifically to each student’s ability level, ensuring that the assessment is engaging and effective.


Item Bank Library

We partner with leading item bank providers to ensure that teachers don’t have to start from scratch every time they want to create a new test or survey.


Adaptive Test Creation

SimpliAssess also uses AI-enabled features to make test creation even easier. For instance, the system can automatically generate adaptive tests based on a student’s performance on previous assessments, ensuring that each student is tested with appropriate questions for their learning level.  This helps teachers save time and focus more of their attention on instruction.


Automated Psychometric Test Validity

The platform also offers automated psychometric checks to ensure that the tests created by teachers are valid and reliable. This helps cut down on time-consuming manual reviews and allows teachers to be confident in the accuracy of their assessments.


Secure User Management

SimpliAssess also offers secure user management so that administrators can easily control which users have access to certain assessments or pieces of data. This ensures that sensitive student data remains safe and secure, while still preserving an easy-to-use experience.

Administrators can set permissions for individual accounts, including assigning roles and adding specific user privileges. They can also easily import or export user lists to quickly onboard new users into the system or remove old ones. All of these features make it simple for administrators to manage a large number of users that need access to assessments and data.


Hyper Personalization

Moreover, SimpliAssess also offers an array of features that allow teachers to customize their tests according to the specific needs of their students.

For example, teachers can select from a variety of question types such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, and open-ended questions. They can also customize the assessment style according to students’ age, grade level, and learning abilities. This helps teachers create tests that are tailored to their students’ individual needs and abilities ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to achieve success.


Cultural Content Localization

The platform also provides teachers with the ability to customize assessments to reflect diverse cultures and language. Teachers can make sure that their tests are culturally sensitive and relevant for their students.


Unlocking the Potential of Online Assessments for K-12

SimpliAssess is a comprehensive online assessment platform that offers teachers and administrators the ability to quickly create, administer, and analyze assessments. From automated psychometric checks to hyper-personalized content localization, SimpliAssess makes it easier for educators to create tests tailored specifically for each student’s learning level without having to sacrifice accuracy or security.